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3 Secrets on How to Automate Your Law Firm

Learn how to become a law firm owner from being a Law Firm Operator using a clear system and strategy. Run your law firm without round-the-clock supervision. Yes, it’s possible. Sam Mollaei is a lawyer that runs multiple 7-figure automated virtual law firms in the comfort of his home. Using the Legal Funnel System, he was able to generate 400 clients each month. With a mission to help lawyers and entrepreneurs expand and automate their law firm business through an intake funnel and virtual staffing.

Get some free tips on how to live your dream lawyer lifestyle while working 4-hour per week. Catch our free live webinar about the “ Three Secrets on how to automate your Law Firm ”. Hosted by Paul Wright, together with the guest speaker Sam Mollaei on the 30th of September at 1:30 PM PST.

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