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Maximize ROI and Simplify Voice IP with Lead Assist and 360 Dialer

Using Law Practice 360 your law firm can streamline lead management, boost conversions, and maximize ROI with Lead Assist while simplifying Voice IP systems using 360 Dialer.

Lead Assist

Lead Assist automatically streamlines lead management, boosts conversion rates, tracks costs, maximizes ROI and handles referrals for clients efficiently.

Supercharge lead conversion rates with efficient management.

Harness unlimited phone lines for seamless texting and calling.

Take control of your

ROI with advanced

management solutions.

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360 Dialer

360 Dialer simplifies the complexity and expense of Voice IP systems all in one convenient place

Effortlessly handle inbound and outbound calls.

Option to rent unlimited lines

Experience professional call answering services.

Lead-driven directory setup with interactive assistance.

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