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Type Of Virtual Assistants

We are the leading provider of virtual assistants for law firms across the United States. Our rigorous screening and training process ensures that you are hiring the top 1% global talent

Starting At $2,097

(Full-Time/40hrs Week)

Case Manager

Client support plays a key role in running a successful practice. Your case manager will ensure client satisfaction by updating clients, answering questions, and building relationships with your clientel.


Having trouble finding staff to assist you with legal work? We got you covered. Hire an experienced & trained virtual paralegal to to assist you with high-level legal tasks.

Document Collector

Dedicated staff to collect documents like medical records, police reports, insurance info, etc. Specialized in finding and obtaining required documents for cases

Intake Specialist

A well-run intake staff is what will ultimately set your firm apart from it’s competitors. Retain more clients with a dedicated (bilingual) intake specialist.

Legal Assistant

If you’re doing your own paperwork, you’re the assistant. Delegate all the tedious dayto-day tasks inside of your law firm to a virtual legal assistant and free up your time.

Virtual Attorney

Yes, you heard that right. Hire a virtual attorney who completed law school to help with higher level legal tasks at 1/3 of the cost.

Why Our Virtual Assistants?


This innovative tool captures a series of screenshots of your virtual assistants device every 10 minutes

URL Tracking

Our team monitors agent URLs to ensure that agents are working efficiently on your tasks.

Daily Reports

Our team sends daily and weekly reports with all completed tasks.

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