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Automated Intake Forms

Online Customized Intake For Your Practice!

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Automated Intake Forms

Customized Intake and Screening Tools for all practice types. Expedite and automate your firm Intake process with ability to email each Intake to proper staff to evaluate and retain clients.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury Intake Form

Streamline the intake for your personal injury and motor vehicle accident cases.

Lemon Law Intake Form

Automate your consumer protection and breach of warranty case intake.

Lemon Law
DUI Case Intake Form

DUI Automated Intake Forms

User-friendly and customized forms for DUI cases to evaluate potential leads and retain clients.

Immigration Intake Forms

Save time on immigration cases with an intake form that screens every case automatically.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law Intake Form

Collect all the information you need for a criminal case in just a few clicks.

SSDI Intake Forms

Social Security Disability Insurance intake forms for your law firm that can be set up in no time!

Social Security Disability
Social Security Disability

Employment Law Intake Form

Gather all the information for a client’s employment case, from discrimination to wrongful termination.

General Automated Intake Form

Customize and scale your intake form to meet you firm’s needs and demands.

Personal Injury