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Expansion & Growth with Virtual Legal Staffing Press Release

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Expansion & Growth with Virtual Legal Staffing

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Beginning in 2015, Legal Soft released what is considered to be groundbreaking Practice Management Solutions for lawyers and law firms alike. This idea was spearheaded by Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Hamid Kohan, who noticed a significant flaw in the legal industry; the lack of innovation and automation. Mr. Hamid became immersed with building a plan of action to assist law firms with scaling and expansion through the knowledge he accrued over the years. Since then, the company has multiplied their services offered to law firms and has seen tangible results from their efforts. CEO Hamid Kohan and the Legal Soft team of professionals take pride in expanding law firms from initial stages to complete new practice set up in less than 90 days! Through the management of existing firms, including multi-state and multi-practice, the expert team of legal advisers at Legal Soft has successfully scaled operations for their clients – achieving growth of more than 100%. Their mastery of growth and development has proven to be trustworthy and esteemed as this business has launched over 100 new law offices. This company has initiated firms that started with zero cases and have been extremely effective with larger firms who had up to 7,000 active cases. When asked about expansion and growth with virtual legal staffing, CEO and President Hamid Kohan had this to say,

This procedure is for firms that are looking to get a new firm set up fully from scratch and don’t know the first step or the proceeding steps. What our team will do is give you a complete blueprint outline of how to set up your firm from formula corporation, to setting up your website, establishing an online presence, your lead generation, sourcing case managers, attorneys, directing you on the practice area, and more. Everything that you really need to get your firm started - our team helps you with it from A-Z until you’re fully up and running

Through their compelling strategy, this business has instituted a hassle-free setup for law firms. Legal Soft oversees operation set up, case management, marketing and client generation, human resources, lead and client generation systems, outsourcing, and technology implementation. This business aids in setting up your professional corporation or LLC, domain set up, logo creation, transaction processing, local and remote payroll, directory listing to 100+ sites, recruiting, staff training, social media, SEO plan, online intake forms, call center, medical records, litigation, mobile apps, and more!

Legal Soft is capable of handling the necessities of any law firm by providing the most innovative and unique solutions for their firm. With specialties such as custom websites, social media marketing, and dedicated virtual assistants for your law office, Legal Soft has created an efficient strategy that allows lawyers to focus more on their caseload while they take care of the rest. This company continues to adequately manage and maintain all of its resources while incorporating the newest technologies in the game. When asked about the future of Legal Soft, Hamid Kohan affectionately mentioned this,

This is only the beginning of our journey, we plan to continue growing and assisting law firms by offering them the most effective solutions in order to expand law firms across the country.

Legal Soft establishes a new way to integrate technology into the legal field while rapidly changing the way attorneys start, manage, and expand their law firms. This company executes this perfectly using a well-thought out tactic that is built upon three objectives: lowering the cost of operation, providing scalable solutions, and implementing faster growth. Chief Executive Officer, Hamid Kohan, will be a Day 1 Keynote Speaker at the PILMMA Super Summit Conference on June 27th! Hop on our IG Live in 2 weeks at 4pm EST as he speaks in New Orleans, LA in front of 400+ personal injury attorneys! About Us: Legal Soft was founded by a collection of legal industry experts who have created, managed, and expanded a number of law firms nationwide. Legal Soft prides themselves on their expertise in the area of Business Development, Marketing, Lead Generation, Automation, and Operations, all specifically targeted towards law firms.

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