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Five Reasons Legal Soft is Launching Five Global Offices

Five Reasons Legal Soft is Launching Five Global Offices

In a matter of three years, Legal Soft has grown to be every lawyer’s best friend. If we’re talking numbers, we’ve helped 6000 law firms expand and grow their practice. 

Since 2020, we’ve realized the critical importance of being in person. Our US team is in the office daily to celebrate wins, hustle together, provide support, and spark new ideas. This year we asked ourselves, shouldn’t our global teams have these incredible opportunities? 

Here are the five reasons Legal Soft is launching five global offices in the Philippines, Nicaragua, Columbia, Ecuador, and Mexico. 

Access to Greater Talent

Our talent recruitment team sources hundreds of candidates monthly through effective marketing, social channels, networks, and referrals. These offices open a new pathway to reach incredible staff: in-person recruiting. From hosting happy hours, attending events at law schools, and increasing our local presence, we will be able to reach the most talented legal assistants, paralegals, lawyers, and those who know them. 

Increasing Retention 

Legal Soft offers top-of-the-line benefits –including competitive pay, health care insurance, bonuses, training, and even our new retirement plan. Yet, we all know the value of community is what keeps someone happy. Our team invests in company socials, proper management, and support. Now, with our offices, team members can build in person connections providing increased levels of connection which data shows is correlated with higher agent retention rates. 

Ready for the Future

Tsunamis, floods, power outages, extreme heat and everyday wifi outages occur in many developing countries (we’re looking at you, Philippines) and can detail someone’s work day. Our offices are located in highly secure, prominent areas of major cities, providing a reliable refuge to anyone on our remote team. As law firms consider which agency to hire remote staff from, knowing your staffing company offers a local offices means your staff always has a plan B. 

Strengthening Our Existing Virtual Team

With an office comes office managers, facilitators, meetings, and a whole new opportunity for professional upskilling of our team. These essential skills mean our team grows. On top of that, providing quiet spaces outside of one’s home allows for even more focused work or a chance to collaborate to help projects bloom. Oh, and there’ll be snacks. 

Partnerships with Local Firms

While the United States has the most lawyers per capita than any country (USA! USA!) there is a growing number of lawyers in other countries eager to work with firms in the US. Legal Soft has secured representation from respected firms in countries around the world, ensuring our global work is compliant and strengthening our business. 
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