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Rank on Google with the Help of SEO

Making a website rank on the first page of Google is one of the hardest things to do. Google has highly advanced algorithms that make distinctions between billions of websites on the web. To compete with known and established websites, you must utilize SEO. 

What is an SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of positioning a website to rank on the SERP or Search Engine Results Page to gain more traffic to the website. Technically, SEO is used for attracting search engine users who search using keywords that are related to the website. More users visiting the website means more qualified leads and more revenue without advertising.

However, due to the hectic competition, having a good SEO is not enough. Your website must also have the following to rank highly on Google.

    1. Proper keyword placement.

    1. Strong link-building and establishing authority.

    1. Creating great content.

Proper Keyword Placement that Can Help Your website Rank

Having the right keyword placement is extremely important to the SEO process. This is an effective way of targeting your market using your content. Although the content is what makes the visitor stay on your website, keyword placement is essential for the visitors to find you. Therefore, having highly optimized content and proper keyword placement go hand in hand to create a great SEO strategy.

What Are SEO Keywords?

SEO Keywords are phrases or terms searchers type on search engines when looking for information or answers on the web. These SEO Keywords should be placed strategically throughout the content so that when searchers type these keywords, the Google algorithm will crawl and index your website as a source of answers for the keywords being searched. 

Strong Link-Building and Establishing Authority 

Now let’s say you were able to create awesome content that searchers are looking for. You answered their questions and put keywords to your content. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that your website will rank highly and will be placed on the first or second page of Google results. Building your brand and establishing your authority must be done as well to outrank other websites. Thus, you need to link to trustworthy sites to build authority. 

How Does Link-Building Help Your Website Gain Authority?

Google has Search Quality Rater Guidelines for E-A-T or expert, authoritative, and trustworthy websites. Now, the goal is to link to websites that have passed this guideline by putting hyperlinks on your website that go to that E-A-T website. Doing so will help your website build its reputation as a trustworthy source of information. As a result, you’ll start building authority in the Google algorithm. 

Creating Great Content

Creating great content means producing timely, engaging, and on-demand content your target audience is searching for. Now, here’s an important thing to keep in mind. Google evaluates the first 200 words for all types of content. It’s wise to place the right SEO keywords at the beginning of your content to enhance your website’s performance. 

Ranking on the Google results page is a hard code to crack. It requires a lot of research and expertise to make an SEO strategy work. Legal Soft Solution offer services to boost SEO performance and drive more website traffic by optimizing your website accordingly. 

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