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Understanding and staying updated on artificial intelligence (AI) is essential for a law firm in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. AI has already begun to reshape the legal industry, and its impact is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Familiarity with AI enables law firms to leverage its capabilities to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and deliver more accurate and cost-effective legal services to clients. AI-powered tools can assist in tasks such as legal research, contract analysis, and document review, significantly reducing the time and resources traditionally required. By embracing AI technology and its knowledge, law firms can position themselves as forward-thinking, competitive, and better equipped to meet their client’s evolving needs and expectations.

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154 pages



Publication Date

May 23, 2023


6 x 0.54 x 9 in



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About the author

Hamid Kohan is a serial entrepreneur, public speaker, and award-winning author, with a track record of scaling law firms of all sizes. Hamid started his career in silicon valley where he served as Director of Business Development of Sun Microsystems, working alongside Eric Schmidt (Google CEO), Carol Bartz (Yahoo CEO). Hamid was then recruited to serve as the president of Web Radio, Growing the business to a valuation of $1 Billion, and eventually taking the company public on the New York Stock Exchange. Currently, Hamid serves as the president and CEO of Legal Soft, leading the company in its efforts to revolutionize the legal industry. Hamid is also the founder of Magic Law Group, a premier nationwide law firm specializing in the areas of personal injury, lemon law, employment law, and workers compensation.

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