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Insights Success Magazine Set Legal Soft to the Top

Legal Soft President and CEO, Hamid Kohan, was on the cover of Insights Success magazine! He’s featured in “The 10 Most Influential CEOs Reforming Business in 2022” along with nine other outstanding CEOs of different companies.

“ Bringing ‘High Tech’ company mentality and scalability for Silicon Valley training and success was the pillar of Legal Soft’s growth.”    

-Hamid Kohan

Insights Success promotes entrepreneurs ruling the business world with their technological innovation. They aim to create the finest platform where the best leaders and executives can showcase their expertise. Insights Success presents an avenue where top figures can share their success story and knowledge with young professionals to help the next generation to become business leaders. 


Read the full issue of the magazine to learn more! You can also check the Legal Soft website or visit our social media accounts to learn all our current and upcoming events. 


Source: Insights Success Magazine

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