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Intake Setup

Engage more with potential clients and retain more cases with a simple intake process!

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Intake Setup

Whether you’re just starting your own firm or you own an established practice, an optimzied and streamlined client intake process is essential for creating a strong first impression and maintaining an efficient and smooth operations for your practice.
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Why You Need a Simple Yet Effective Intake Process

Simply put, a strong and efficient client intake process will improve client satisfaction and boost your firm’s revenue. 

A good client intake process should be:

  1. Straightforward for your client to understand and go through
  2. Efficient for your staff
  3. Solid to process converting interested prospects into retained clients
  4. Able to maintain and organize all information
  5. A sign of your dedication to your clients and that you care.

Legal Soft’s Intake Setup Solution

At Legal Soft, we create a roadmap for your intake based on your existing intake process, or provide consultation if you’re starting from scratch. 

To optimize and setup a successful and effective intake system, we

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