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Efficiently manage operations, marketing, intake, automations, and documents with the new all-in-one platform Law Practice 360°!

With LAW PRactice 360 You Can Build and Manage

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Virtual Staff Managment

Virtual Staff Management is a feature in Law Practice 360 that enables sales, CSMs, and sourcing teams to manage pre-screened virtual staff for your firm. It also allows law firms to check and monitor the performance of their VA’s.

  • Live activity status and performance report
  • Screen monitoring
  • Built-in notice & task management
  • Incentive and payment management
  • New hires and terminations management

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Lead Assist

Lead Assist streamlines lead management through automations, boosts conversion rates, tracks cost per acquisition, manages ROI, and handles client referrals efficiently.

  • Leads Conversion Rate Management
  • Unlimited Phone Lines w/ Texting and Calling
  • Cost per Acquisition Management (CPA)
  • Lead Generation Source Performance Comparison
  • ROI Management

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Custom Mobile App

Create a customized app with your law firm’s brand to communicate with your clients seamlessly. You can submit paperwork, sign documents, and chat seamlessly.

  • Client Case Submissions
  • Chat Support
  • One Click Referrals

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360 Dialer

360 Dialer simplifies the complexity and expense of VoIP systems all in one convenient place to make and receive phone calls. Combined with Lead Assist, you will have a customizable VoIP system at your disposal.

  • Inbound and Outbound Call Handling
  • Call Answering Services*
  • Interactive Directory Setup*
  • Ring Group Setup *
  • Direct Messaging

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Automated Document Collection

Use Automated Document Collection to track and manage all your documents while customizing collections for different client groups, setting reminders for missing documents, and rejecting faulty documents.

  • Email & SMS Document Requests
  • Automate Text Follow-up Messages
  • Accept and Reject Documents
  • Secure File Upload Portal

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SMS Broadcast

Sending out scheduled text messages! SMS texts can be your 24/7 assistant, ensuring your client relationships thrive with timely meeting reminders and case updates.

  • Compose and Send Bulk Texts
  • Schedule Text Messages
  • Track Campaign Success
  • Select From Your Contacts And/Or Leads

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Form Collection

Effortlessly create customizable forms and conveniently collect online forms and their responses. Create intake questionnaires and even evaluation forms for your law firm and keep track of responses.

  • Unlimited Intake Forms
  • Customizable Questionnaires
  • Multi-step Form Options
  • Submission Tracking Dashboard
  • OTP Verification for Users
  • Shareable Link and QR

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Experience enhanced scalability and exponential growth as we empower your firm, liberating it from overreliance on external systems.

You can also track and manage

Virtual Staffing Management

Lead Generation

Social Media Management

Website Maintenance

Press Release

Firm Newsletter

Directory Listing

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Case Referrals

HR & Legal Documents

Demand Letters

Front Desk Support

Billing & Payment Management