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Lead Generation and Management

You Wonder What Lead Source To Trust? Need More Case With Lower Cost Per Acquisition?

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The Lead Generation and Management service provided by Legal Soft will help your law firm to:


Lead Management and Intake Setup

Access to 24/7 Lead Assist

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Connection to Pre-screened Lead Generation and management Sources

We will do the hard work for searching, pre-screening lead sources and then gather their performance information.

Only then shall we provide you with recommendations based on the case types your law firm handles.

Maintenance and Replacement of Under-Performing Lead Generation Companies with the New Sources

We obtain vital information for your campaign and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

If you are dissatisfied with the campaign or lead source, we will be more than happy to recommend or propose alternative sources that can perform much better and deliver better results.

Your happiness and success are our priority.

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Complete Lead Management Service

Budget Management, Conversion Rates Tracking, Cost Per Acquisition Tracking, Refund Request Management, etc.

Access to Real-time Lead Generation Reports with Tracking

Tracker is updated on a daily basis and you can access it at any time to look at the performance of your campaign(s).


Monthly Calls with Attorney and Weekly Calls with the Intake Team to Audit the Performance and Budget

We shall hold monthly calls with you and your team of attorneys so we can make sure the campaign is running properly and discuss the notes and any changes that might be required.

Weekly calls are set with the Intake team to train them, help them validate leads and address any concerns Legal Soft might have, to ensure Lead Management is running properly.

Weekly and Monthly Reports, along with Monthly Feedback Analysis and Recommendations for Lead Sources and Budget Allocation

Not only will we provide you reports, but also give you recommendations/suggestions on how to improve your campaign (if applicable). If there are issues, we will make sure to help you as much as we can.


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