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There were 1,415 press releases posted in the last 24 hours and 448,931 in the last 365 days. Legal Soft Announces New Offices in Five Countries

Legal Soft Announces New Offices in Five Countries

Legal Soft, the most trusted partner to growth-focused law firms, is expanding its efforts this week and opening three new locations in:


All three offices have enhanced the company’s security, performance, and reach to top talent. Legal Soft plans to announce two additional global offices, in the Philippines and Mexico, in the coming weeks.

CEO and Founder Hamid Kohan shared his enthusiasm about the new launch stating, “We have grown to more than 1,000 team members in 22 countries because of our strong team. These global offices are the physical foundation helping us serve our over 650+ law firm partners.”

The new locations are projected to increase retention rates, serve as a space to bring in new talent and overall pave the future of what legal growth looks like in 2023 and beyond. Legal Soft has also secured legal representation in Mexico, the Philippines, and Nicaragua.

“The excitement about the office launch is felt across the company,” said Ulah Castillo, our Philippines-based Director of Operations.

“Legal firms are innovating fast. We see our job as helping to clear the way for firms who don’t want to fall behind. So we asked ourselves, how do we go bigger? Growing globally is the way towards the future,” shared Nathan Sumekh, VP of Business Operations.

The offices have been hosting launch events throughout the spring. We look forward to sharing the impact, innovation, and growth as a result.

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