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Legal Soft is the premier legal consulting firm for top lawyers across the country. Continuing to bridge the gap between technology and law, this company recently released their expert marketing services to the public. By utilizing their virtual assistance resources, law firms can expect to maximize profit with very minimal operating costs for advertising campaigns!

Legal Soft understands that finding marketing specialists in the 21st century is not a hard thing to do. However, the difference is discovering new talent that has created eye-catching, thought-provoking, and client motivating strategies that move the legal needle forward. Because of this, all virtual marketing candidates are thoroughly screened by Legal Soft’s clever and knowledgeable legal recruitment team to ensure that the finest applicants are presented.

Having a dedicated full-time virtual marketing assistant working exclusively with your law firm can provide management and lawyers with more time for productivity and client follow-up. Legal Soft’s virtual assistants are trained in marketing and rebranding! By increasing brand awareness and publicity, law firms also have the potential to gain new clients and grow their practice. Some of the duties virtual marketing specialists are responsible for include launching and promotion of monthly newsletters and press releases, website update management, sms campaigns, attorneys’ directory registration, referral network management, event coordination, client advocacy, and more!

Hiring a US-based marketer can cost up to 60k/year, and can be a complete headache to find. This is one of the primary reasons Legal Soft has launched their Virtual Marketing Specialists for only $10/hour, to help save lawyers time & money. Amidst the growing competition in the legal field, it is vital for law firms to utilize current and trendy techniques in their marketing strategies. Grabbing and keeping the attention of potential clients is what the virtual marketing specialists at Legal Soft are all about! Consider hiring a virtual legal assistants from this company, where you can rely on hiring highly evaluated, certified, and experienced candidates for your firm. If you would like more information, you can visit Legal Soft’s website – where lawyers and law offices experience happiness, together.

About Us: Legal Soft is a collection of Legal Industry Practice experts who have created, managed, and expanded the number of practices nationwide. Specialties in the area of Business Development, Marketing, Lead Generation, Automation, and Operations. Practices range from Personal Injury, Employment, Immigration, Workers Comp, and many other practice areas. Over the past several years, practices under management demonstrated over 100% growth year after year . We deploy a group of experts to assist each firm at a fraction of the cost of local staffing. Legal Soft adds value “You do the law and let us do the rest”

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