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Legal Soft Unveils Practice Growth Solution Package to Empower Law Firms and Avoid Costly Mistakes

Los Angeles, 29 June 2023 – Growing a law firm requires effective marketing strategies and avoiding common mistakes. Legal Soft, a trusted name in the legal industry, offers a comprehensive Practice Growth Solution Package that leverages Practice Setup, automated marketing implementation, lead generation and management, technology implementation, and virtual legal staffing to help law firms achieve their growth objectives.

Sina Rezvanpour, a practicing attorney specializing in lemon law and personal injury, attests to the transformative impact of Legal Soft’s services: “The difference between my practice before and after is pretty much night and day. They opened my eyes on how to run a more efficient law firm.”

Legal Soft CEO, Hamid Kohan, introduces the Law Practice Growth Solutions  , a client retention program and an innovative initiative designed to enhance business development strategies, attract new clients, and foster long-term relationships for maximum client retention. With Legal Soft’s Practice Growth Solution Package, law firms can now access a tailored approach that addresses their seven most essential needs.

Legal Soft’s expert team assists in building an effective marketing plan by harnessing Practice Setup, ensuring the foundation of the firm is optimized for success. Additionally, they offer comprehensive services such as Law Practice 360 platform access, website development and management, social media management, newsletters, SMS broadcasting, and technology-driven automation to streamline and enhance marketing efforts.

Furthermore, Legal Soft provides lead generation and management solutions, leveraging their expertise to identify potential clients and nurture relationships. Through advanced technology implementation, law firms can benefit from features such as a 360 dialer  and Lead Assist on the law practice 360 platform, a customized mobile app, client surveys, and directory listing. This integration of technology enables firms to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Virtual staffing is another crucial component of Legal Soft’s Practice Growth Solution Package. By providing virtual staffing solutions, law firms can augment their teams with skilled professionals, freeing up time for attorneys to focus on core legal activities while ensuring optimal client service.

Mona Edalatkhah, Sr. Dr. Strategic Accounts at Legal Soft, highlights the benefits of the Practice Growth Solutions: “Our Growth Solutions empower law firms to grow, scale, and adapt to different situations, ultimately becoming more efficient.”

To learn more about Legal Soft’s Practice Growth Solution Package and how it utilizes Practice Setup, Automation, Marketing Plan, Lead Generation and management, Technology implementation, and Virtual Legal Staffing to add value to your law firm, contact Christy Fleming at or visit to start a conversation on avoiding costly mistakes and driving growth.

About Legal Soft:

Legal Soft is a leading provider of marketing solutions tailored for law firms. With a comprehensive suite of services and a team of industry experts, Legal Soft empowers law firms to enhance their marketing strategies and achieve sustainable growth. By incorporating Practice Setup, Automation, Marketing Plan, Lead Generation and management, Technology implementation, and Virtual Legal Staffing, Legal Soft ensures law firms can optimize their operations and reach their full potential.Any questions, please contact Paniz Rad at