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Legal trends to Follow in 2023

The past year has highlighted how quickly the business environment can change, leaving those who don’t stay on top of trends and technologies behind. For those looking to remain competitive within their practice area and create opportunities for growth in 2023, here are some legal trends to watch out for.


Everything is constantly changing and law firms need to keep pace with current innovations to stay relevant. Nowadays, automation is linked with efficiency for many businesses. The usage of technology is vital to automation processes. Technology is used for research, analysis, documentation, billing, communication, and more. 

The ABA Profile of the Legal Profession recently stated that only 10% of lawyers are using artificial intelligence or AI tools in their firms. However, this number is increasing rapidly and law firms are adopting more each year. 

The pandemic limited the way people meet in person, and conducting virtual court became a new trend in the legal field as well. Many see the virtual option as a great way to have transparency. Currently, all 14 federal appeals courts will be live streaming in the future.

Hiring Virtual Legal Assistants

More and more law firms are hiring virtual legal assistants to improve their productivity. Virtual legal assistants can take phone calls, manage calendar schedules, provide administrative support, and so much more for lawyers. Having VAs will help a law firm to save money while enhancing its efficiency. 

Utilizing Social Media

Many legal clients are turning to social media to look for potential law firms that can help them with their legal needs. They refer to a law firm’s social media posts, reviews, and a firm’s online presence to gauge if they are credible. 

Moreover, social media doesn’t only help build a firm’s branding but is also an effective way to interact with your audience. It is a free marketing strategy where you can reach your target market easily. Therefore, it is a very smart choice to use social media and utilize its full potential. 

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