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Legal X

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Held at Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City | UTAH

Legal X is the annual must-attend event to connect with the best and brightest minds of legal tech. Gain insight and perspective into the legal tech landscape by learning directly from the experts.

Legal X offers learning in breakout sessions, product focus sessions, and one-on-one coaching with their team.

The Legal X team prepared socially distanced networking activities to have the attendees connect with other users and explore the vast Filevine community.

The Legal Soft partnered with Filevine for this event. Then Legal Soft team joined this networking activities and expanded their influence by the various co-marketing, partnerships, and business deals closed during the event.

Our CEO, Hamid Kohan, discussed in a podcast with Filevine about what it takes to run a successful law firm in 2021!

Legal Soft helps law firms improve their marketing and grow their business by thinking outside the box. Swipe through this post to watch some snippets of the podcast!