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Law Push Unleashes Next-Generation Client Acquisition Solutions to Transform the Legal Industry

Los Angeles, September 8, 2023 – In a dynamic era where the legal landscape is undergoing significant transformations, Law Push emerges as a game-changer, reshaping how law firms acquire and manage clients. With a profound commitment to pioneering technology and data-driven strategies, Law Push presents a groundbreaking suite of services that redefines client acquisition and operational efficiency for law firms.

Legal Soft Announces Strategic Partnership with Assembly Neos, Empowering Law Firms with Advanced Case Management

Legal Soft, a trailblazing virtual legal staffing company renowned for its expertise in legal staffing and growth consulting, proudly announces its partnership with Assembly Software’s cutting-edge case management platform, Neos.

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Legal Soft x SmartAdvocate

Legal Soft and SmartAdvocate Join Forces to Revolutionize the Legal Industry

Legal Soft, a distinguished group of Legal Industry Practice experts renowned for their exceptional business development, marketing, and virtual legal staffing services, is thrilled to announce its partnership with SmartAdvocate, the award-winning legal case management system. Together, Legal Soft and SmartAdvocate are set to provide comprehensive solutions to significantly enhance and optimize their client’s  productivity.

Legal Soft and Kenect Join Forces to Enhance Communication and Streamline Law Firms Nationwide

Legal Soft, a leading virtual legal staffing company specializing in scaling and streamlining law firms, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Kenect, the premier texting software for law firms across North America. This collaboration brings together Legal Soft’s team of Legal Industry Practice experts with Kenect’s powerful texting tools to revolutionize client communication and empower law firms to thrive in the digital age.


Legal Soft Revolutionizes Legal Training with AI-Powered Platform

Legal Soft, a pioneering company in legal technology, is leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize the development of training materials for law firms. Committed to advancing legal education and professional development, Legal Soft’s innovative AI-driven platform is transforming the training landscape for legal professionals.

To ensure the highest standard of legal content in their courses, Legal Soft has partnered with esteemed legal professionals who bring extensive expertise to the table.

Legal Soft Welcomes Adam Reiman as Newest Team Member, Strengthening Growth and Scaling Strategies for Law Firms

Los Angeles, June 22 ,2023 – Legal Soft, a leading provider of innovative solutions for the legal industry, is delighted to announce the appointment of Adam Reiman as their newest team member. Adam, widely recognized as one of the legal industry’s brightest minds, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to further revolutionize the growth and scaling strategies for law firms across the nation.

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Legal Soft Unveils Practice Growth Solution Package to Empower Law Firms and Avoid Costly Mistakes

Los Angeles, 29 June 2023 – Growing a law firm requires effective marketing strategies and avoiding common mistakes. Legal Soft, a trusted name in the legal industry, offers a comprehensive Practice Growth Solution Package that leverages Practice Setup, automated marketing implementation, lead generation and management, technology implementation, and virtual legal staffing to help law firms achieve their growth objectives.

Legal Soft and Filevine Collaborate to Launch Demands.AI, Transforming the Preparation of Demand Letters with AI Technology

Los Angeles, June 28 – Legal Soft, a pioneer in legal technology services, is excited to announce its strategic collaboration with Filevine, a leading legal tech platform, to introduce Demands.AI, a revolutionary solution that aims to redefine the process of preparing demand letters.

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Legal Soft CEO Hamid Kohan Publishes Groundbreaking Book, "How to Scale Your Stupid AI Law Firm," Offering Invaluable Insights for Growth and Workflow Optimization

Legal Soft, a leading virtual legal staffing company, is pleased to announce the release of an insightful and practical book by its CEO, Hamid Kohan, titled “How to Scale Your Stupid AI Law Firm” a sequel of “How to Scale your Stupid Law Firm”.

Hamid Kohan, CEO of Legal Soft, Launches New Book: "How to Scale Your AI Law Firm"

Hamid Kohan, renowned expert and CEO of Legal Soft, is excited to announce the release of his latest book, “How to Scale Your AI Law Firm.” This highly anticipated sequel to his previous bestseller, “How to Scale Your Stupid Law Firm,” delves into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence (AI) and its profound impact on the legal industry.

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Legal Soft Launches Customizable Mobile App to Optimize Legal Practice Efficiency

Legal Soft, a prominent technology provider for the legal industry, is pleased to introduce its new customizable mobile app designed specifically for law firms and attorneys. This innovative application aims to enhance operational effectiveness, facilitate client communication, and maximize efficiency in legal practices.

Legal Soft Announces Benefit Plan, Showcasing Commitment to Agent’s Well-being and Professional Growth

Legal Soft, a leading virtual legal staffing company, is thrilled to unveil its comprehensive Benefit Plan for all virtual staff members. With a resolute dedication to providing a nurturing and fulfilling work environment, Legal Soft will invest an impressive $1.3 million to ensure the long-term satisfaction and prosperity of its esteemed workforce.

AI Lawyers

AI Lawyers? How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the Practice of Law.

Legal work, well known for its long hours and heavy workloads, is being revolutionized by artificial intelligence — specifically generative AI, which is one of the most transformative technological advancements in recent history. 

A 2023 study by researchers at Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania and New York University found that “legal services” is among the industries most exposed to occupational change from generative AI. 

Legal Soft Announces New Offices in Five Countries

All three offices have enhanced the company’s security, performance, and reach to top talent. Legal Soft plans to announce two additional global offices, in the Philippines and Mexico, in the coming weeks.

CEO and Founder Hamid Kohan shared his enthusiasm about the new launch stating, “We have grown to more than 1,000 team members in 22 countries because of our strong team. These global offices are the physical foundation helping us serve our over 650+ law firm partners.”

There were 1,415 press releases posted in the last 24 hours and 448,931 in the last 365 days. Legal Soft Announces New Offices in Five Countries
Five Reasons Legal Soft is Launching Five Global Offices

Legal Soft Announces New Offices in Five Countries For Immediate Release

Los Angeles, California – Legal Soft, the most trusted partner to growth-focused law firms, is expanding its efforts this week and opening two new locations in Manilla Philippines, Managua Nicaragua, Monterrey Mexico, Bogota, Colombia and Quito, Ecuador. All five offices will officially open for business this Spring and will enhance the company’s security, performance and reach.

Legal Soft, Creating Your Next Solution Before You Realize There’s A Problem

Today, the distinguished team of legal industry practice experts, Legal Soft announced a unique addition to their current Virtual Staffing services. Virtual Vision is a next level smart device that aids attorneys in their communication efforts with employees. The team at Legal Soft continues to surprise their clients with more innovative inventions as they continue to lead the legal industry in automation…

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Legal Soft Announces New Marketing Specialist VA

Legal Soft is the premier legal consulting firm for top lawyers across the country. Continuing to bridge the gap between technology and law, this company recently released their expert marketing services to the public. By utilizing their virtual assistance resources, law firms can expect to maximize profit with very minimal operating costs for advertising campaigns…

Expansion & Growth with Virtual Legal Staffing

Beginning in 2015, Legal Soft released what is considered to be groundbreaking Practice Management Solutions for lawyers and law firms alike. This idea was spearheaded by Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Hamid Kohan, who noticed a significant flaw in the legal industry; the lack of innovation and automation. Mr. Hamid became immersed with building a plan of action to assist law firms with scaling and expansion through the knowledge he accrued over the years. Since then, the company has multiplied their services offered to law firms and has seen tangible results from their efforts…

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Legal Soft Releases Their Prime Virtual Marketing Assistant and Demand Writing Services!

Legal Soft is thrilled to announce two major additions to their ever-growing list of resolutions for law firms. This legal consulting business delivers cutting edge technology models that increase the success of law offices across the nation. With the introduction of their new virtual assistant services – Demand Writing and Marketing Specialist – Legal Soft remains ahead of the curve in their planning and execution…

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