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Success in Overseas Staffing: A Conversation with Hamid Kohan of Legal Soft

Hamid Kohan, the President, CEO, and Founder of Legal Soft, shares the evolving landscape of overseas staffing in an SEO Insider interview with Seth Price. Legal Soft offers a comprehensive solution to law firms looking to optimize their operations while reducing costs. This conversation delves into the various aspects of Legal Soft’s approach to legal staffing, from the hiring and training process to Legal Soft’s global presence in talent acquisition.

A Shift in Overseas Staffing

Traditionally, law firms used platforms like Upwork or freelance marketplaces to leverage offshore labor which led to difficulties in finding qualified and reliable talent. Legal Soft has taken a different approach by establishing a physical presence in eight different countries and maintaining a dedicated talent acquisition team to screen and train prospective virtual staff members.

Kohan addresses the common issue of maintaining quality and consistency in work delivered by a virtual staff through the implementation of a rigorous training curriculum designed by U.S.-based attorneys specializing in various legal domains. This comprehensive training equips virtual staff with the skills and knowledge required to excel in multiple roles, eliminating the unpredictability of traditional outsourcing.

In addition to its innovative outsourcing solutions, Legal Soft is incorporating AI into the legal practice. Kohan believes that AI is going to change the legal industry, particularly in transactional law areas such as immigration, bankruptcy, estate planning. AI can handle tasks like intake, document collection, and demand writing, thus increasing efficiency at a lower pay.

Keeping Staff Engaged

Legal Soft has a global reach, operating in multiple countries. Kohan has found that outsourcing differs in every location, in looking for the specific skills needed for various legal tasks. For an example, the Philippines excels in tasks like tracking, organizing, and document management, while countries like Colombia and Ecuador are suitable for roles demanding convincing and salesmanship, such as intake personnel.

Kohan emphasizes the importance of not only providing quality staff but also ensuring their engagement and long-term commitment. Legal Soft offers a range of benefits to its virtual team members, including high-speed internet, health insurance for themselves and their spouses, continuing education funding, immigration services, and retirement plans. By supplying the best possible resources, Legal Soft can ensure the engagement and loyalty of its employees.

Benefits of the New Strategy

Kohan’s approach of innovative outsourcing and the incorporation of AI technology at Legal Soft highlights the importance of quality, training, and engagement in virtual staffing. This newfound strategy sets a path for success for those in the legal industry who are interested in global outsourcing, with the aim of optimizing operations and reducing costs. Reach out to BluShark Digital to learn more.


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