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Hamid Kohan

Technology & Marketing in the Legal Industry

Growing a legal practice can be hard, but what can sometimes be even harder is figuring out what technological and marketing solutions you can use to make it easier to scale your law firm.

Hamid Kohan, the President and CEO of Legal Soft, helps law firms identify what they need to manage, control, and promote their law practice.

As a seasoned entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in technology and business development; his greatest desire is to make an impact by helping law firms grow and flourish using his technological expertise.

A Long and Distinguished Career in Technology

At the age of 17, Hamid received his bachelor’s degree in engineering from Chico State University and was quickly recruited to Silicon Valley to begin his high-tech career. Acquiring his engineering degree while still a teenager, he was responsible for creating technology solutions for a growing market; this marked the beginning of his career.

He went on to earn an MBA in business marketing at the age of 21; he then became the Sr. Manager of Product Development for a high-tech company, Grid Systems, alongside associates who pioneered the first laptop computer.

In 1984, he joined SUN Microsystems as the Sr. Engineering Manager, launching his career in Business Development and Management. The pleasure of working alongside well-known entrepreneurs like Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) and Carol Bartz (Yahoo CEO), as well as other well-known entrepreneurs, is an experience he greatly cherishes.

Hamid applied his expertise in business expansion to SUN Microsystems, helping the company grow from 200 to over 13,000 employees in eight years. He then moved on to Hitachi

Computers, where he directed business and technology development before concluding his Silicon Valley career as Director of Product Management at Tandem Computer (HP Computers).

Hamid relocated to Los Angeles in order to broaden his experience in Business and Technological Development, and was hired in 1999 as Division President of Emblazed Technology (Webradio), a publicly traded company.

As the President, he increased the company’s revenue by 300 per cent in a year and grew its valuation to $1 billion. He decided to put his experience to use by co-founding CAPLUCK Inc., in 2004. Cap60 is now the largest provider of services to non-profit organizations in the United States, with clients in 40 states.

Bringing Innovation and Automation to the Legal Industry

What led Hamid to the legal industry was identifying a need for a change, and the ability to provide the vision and plan to make the necessary changes that take an industry from one level to another. Early in 2015, he identified a major weakness in the legal industry: a lack of innovation and automation.

With his vast background in computer software and technology, he felt compelled to address this issue with the goal of helping law firms grow and thrive by sharing his skills. Hamid founded Legal Soft Inc. in early 2016, applying and expanding his expertise in technology and business development to the legal world.

His extensive research, analysis, and collaboration with others inspired him to take the leap of faith. Legal Soft, Inc. became a provider of Practice Management Solutions, achieving more than 100% growth in law firms.

Along with the Legal Soft team, Hamid takes pride in growing law firms from inception to multi-state and multi-practice areas in less than a year.

Helping Law Firms Manage the Business of Law

Legal Soft, Inc., was listed, by DesignRush in 2021, as one of top legal marketing companies in Los Angeles. They meet the needs of law firms by incorporating cutting-edge technology to offer the most innovative and distinctive solutions for their clients’ practice. The company quickly grew to assist several law firms across the country, focusing on a variety of practice areas such as personal injury, employment, immigration, business law, and others.

Legal Soft Solution provides very unique and comprehensive services in the Law industry. They help law firms create a 12-month business marketing plan that includes custom websites, social media marketing, virtual staffing, mobile apps, etc. The team is dedicated to train and hire virtual assistants to help establish and grow multiple law practices using their incubation solution.

The firm is changing the legal industry, from the creation of an innovative custom mobile app solution that helps legal firms schedule appointments with their clients. The mobile app includes over 30 different features, such as real-time retainer signing, receiving and storing all witness information, the ability to update clients on the status of their case, and much more.

The firm has also developed a referrals system at that helps clients create, manage, and track referrals within their network.

Our combination of extensive legal expertise with over 35 years of technology experience makes us very unique, creating a very unique opportunity in this industry

Leading and Mentoring with Ambition, Creativity & Persistence

Hamid believes that being a leader is sharing your vision, and the implementation of your vision with others.

Hamid stated:

“Success is often a combination of several factors”

In his case, they include motivation, persistence, hard work, creativity, and the ability to take risks. His best recognition is having others believe in his capability and ability to share his success with them.

Hamid mentioned:

“Here in Legal Soft, industry domination is always a goal for us!”

“I believe that with the right plan and a committed team, we can achieve this goal; our past accomplishments have proven that we can. I have two young sons who are going to be future attorneys, and I’d like to create a platform that can help them achieve their career goals,” he says.

Hamid notes that a combination of ambition, creativity, and hard work, as well as the ability to take risks and persist, is the best recipe for success for the new generation. “I would not be able to accomplish anything if I was not challenged; I never appreciated easy tasks and goals.

Achieving challenging tasks and meeting difficult objectives is what drives me,” he states

Hamid recalls that one of the challenges he faced was being new to the field of law, not being a licensed attorney, and multitasking between two industries – technology and law. As a leader, his responsibilities include creating a vision and target that his team can relate to and be a part of.

“Creating a motivated team to achieve personal and company goals is extremely important,” he notes. “People around you are the ones who empower you to be great and successful, and in return you have to empower others to contribute and be an effective part of your success.”

Hamid’s day to day responsibilities include maintaining the growth, enhancement of solutions and services, and the expansion and motivation of the team. In addition, he helps in creating structure and expanding the capability of organization, staying focused on the company mission, and meeting organizational targets.

He admits that keeping a balance between his personal and professional life is extremely difficult; especially when you have an organization that grows 3x every year. However, it is possible when you are able to manage time and have a driven team around you.

His parting advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders is to be creative, work as a team, and stay focused to achieve your goals. For Hamid, empowerment means having the ability to lead, coach, and be a mentor to those around you. Hamid states: “Failure is just another step to trying again and learning lessons to make the next venture successful. So, never give up!”


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