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The Newest Trend in Practice Management and Automation for Law Firms All Lawyers Should Know About

Nowadays, everything is innovative, even law firms. If you want your business to keep up with the latest trends and technology, you need to stay updated on what works now in the legal field. Many law firms are facing the struggle of gaining more clients and often wonder why. Let Legal Soft Solution help you in learning the newest trend in practice management and automation that can scale your law firm’s success!


Here Is the List of the Latest Practice Management and Automation for 2022

Website Maintenance And Optimization

  • Customized and Optimized For Your Online Presence
  • Monthly Management and Updates
  • Video/Content Updates
  • Testimonials Update
  • Chat Management
  • Additional Practice and Location Pages

Website SEO And Google Business Services

Lead Generation Management

  • Leads and Contacts generated from the website
  • Social Media Leads
  • Facebook Advertisement leads
  • Google PPC Programs
  • 3rd Party Lead Providers Selection and Management
  • Display Advertising
  • List Building and Management
  • Affiliates and Referrals Lead Generation
  • Organic Lead Generation
  • Mobile App Referrals


Lead Management System

  • Tracking of incoming leads
  • Filtering Lead Quality
  • Automated Follow up for 7 weeks after receiving the lead
  • Distribution of Newsletter to contact database
  • Placement of Newsletter on firm website
  • Placement of Newsletter in Social Media and Mobile App
  • Monthly activity reports

Outsource Management

HR Management

Technology Management & Maintenance

  • Case Management Enhancement
  • New Technology implementations
  • Database Utilization
  • Data Management



  • P&L Evaluation
  • Tax Liability Reduction
  • Financial Analysis
  • Budgeting Analysis


Outsourcing Management

  • New outsourcing setup
  • Outsourcing performance and Cost Management
  • In-house vs. outsourcing evaluations


Business Development

  • Practice type expansions
  • Out-of-state opportunity evaluations
  • Practice Acquiring’s
  • Practice Mergers
  • Partnerships
  • Text, Call, Email Contacts
  • Lead Management Reports (ROI)


Client Retention & Expansion

  • Monthly Survey of existing clients monthly
  • Report unsatisfied clients for follow-up
  • Collect Positive Reviews
  • Create client reviews and post them online & on the Website
  • Review incentive programs
  • Social media posting of reviews


Social Media Management

  • Social Media Management and Posting 3-5 postings a week
  • Social Media Advertising (Facebook PPC, Instagram Boost)
  • Social Media Groups and Influencers Management
  • Expand on Key Staff Social Media promotions
  • Create and Publish Key Staff Videos for posting
  • 5 hours a week of engagement with social media contacts


Referral Management System

  • Identify a list of all Referral Sources.
  • Identify a list of all service providers to clients (Chiro, Ortho, Pain Management, etc)
  • Create a marketing campaign to advance and enhance referral sources
  • Expand on the number of referrals made from each source
  • Add Key referral sources into the Case Management system, Mobiel App, and Site


Attorney Registrations

  • Register all attorneys in 42 online attorney directories (Avvo, Nolo, etc)
  • Quarterly update of registrations
  • Adding content to each site
  • Link back to the firm’s website


Custom Mobile App

  • Mobile App Design
  • Mobile app registration with Google Play and Apple App Store
  • Mobile App monthly marketing
  • Mobile App setup and training
  • Mobile App SMS marketing
  • Social Media Marketing content


Client Communication System

  • Text and Email distribution to a database of the client for 10 National Holidays
  • Text and Email distribution to the database for the client’s birthday
  • Text and Email distribution to the database for the Client Settlement Anniversary


Custom Firm Newsletter to boost practice management and automation

  • Creation of a monthly practice newsletter with unique content
  • Distribution of Newsletter to contact database

Now, you might think this long list of tasks is impossible to handle. But these are the keys to your law firm’s success. In order for your business to fulfill them, you must consider hiring legal assistants or virtual assistants to help you out. 


Why Virtual Legal Assistants Is the Law Firm New Assets

Over the previous few decades, many sorts of reports and documentation have become relatively standardized. As a result, legal firms have begun to use specialized software that generates standardized reports depending on the data entered. A lawyer would spend hours reviewing documentation if they don’t have any assistance since data input takes up most of the time of a lawyer.

Assistants at well-established law firms frequently pore over documents and fact sheets to compile reports of all vital or relevant information for the legal team to use. These reports, despite their importance, take a long time to prepare. The problem is that research and data entry jobs take up a lot of time. Law companies have had excellent success compiling these reports with the help of virtual assistants.

A virtual legal assistant must also be able to conduct research. This can assist you in locating information such as witness contact information and other critical details for the case you’re working on.

When working on legal cases, collaboration is essential. The ability to collaborate is a crucial key characteristic that all virtual legal assistants should remember since they work remotely. A legal assistant wants to help the law firm win court cases. Thus they must be able to work well with others.

Not only does this imply that soft skills must be prioritized. True collaboration also requires a law firm’s ability to delegate responsibilities and confidence that the work will be completed correctly. An ideal virtual legal assistant is to fill in the blanks and assist everyone as needed.

In a nutshell, running a law firm is not an easy task. You need to have enough knowledge and experience to master the legal field.


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