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The Ultimate Guide on How to Scale Your Law Firm [Top Hacks]

Scaling with law firms is not easy. This dilemma goes with every attorney. Hence, many think that to have a successful law firm you need to be the best in everything in your business. But the reality is, you just have to know what to do in order to start.

A Successful Law Firm’s Guide

“ The problem in law firms is learning how to manage business operations and learning how to properly delegate mundane work to others in the firm. The law practice owners are doing everything they know how to, however, due to their lack of experience and education in business management, the firm begins juggling multiple things at a time and often drops the ball. They look at large law firms and ask, how are they doing it? What are their marketing budget and strategy? How can they juggle handling so many cases and still manage to make all this money? The solo practitioners think there’s some sort of magic recipe that allows firms to grow. In fact, there is no magic recipe. It’s a mix of a lot of time invested, risk management, and simultaneous hard work. ”

Author Hamid Kohan

Book Excerpt from “ How to Scale Your Stupid Law Firm

Learn how to scale your law firm with the help of Legal Soft Solution. We’ll walk you through the basic things you should do to innovate your company the smart way!

The Important Steps You Should Make to Tune up Law Firm’s Practice

Before you change anything in your company, first, you must understand your goal. Undoubtedly, is vital to have a procedure to follow to clearly see what you want, and where you aim for your law firm to be. 

Here Are the Steps You Should Follow:

1. Case Management This system includes integrations, customizations, and full automation.
2. Lead and Client Acquisition This is the method you are using to get clients such as through referrals, advertising, marketing, social media, etc.
3. Your Law Firm’s Image This category creates the image of your law practice. Your company’s image shows how others view your business no matter how big or small your law firm is. Hence, this is essential for branding and gaining traction in the already oversaturated legal market.
4. Budgeting  Pertains in the cost of staffing, marketing, social media, advertising, technology, staff compensations, incentive programs, benefit programs, and everything needed to keep law practice moving.
5. Resource Planning Advanced resource planning is understanding your operations from the inside and out. Being said, use your resources and assign them properly to see a positive return on the number of clients you can acquire in any given month.
6. Outsourcing Nowadays, Virtual Legal Staffing is the latest trend in the legal field. Most of these positions can be outsourced to dedicated virtual staff that is affordable and can be included as part of your practice at a very low cost.
7. Law Practice Development Law practice development starts with a three-year expansion plan. This can be in the same practice area or new practice areas.
8. Client Retention, Remarketing, and Brand Awareness These three factors are important to ensure your law firm will retain existing clients and gain new clients. 
9. Technology Meets Law Many law firms are having a hard time embracing technology and accepting change. There are lots of new and innovative ways how to run a law firm but some are still stuck and behind in this area. 
10. Principal Case Management and Review This is one of the most crucial and tedious tasks to do. It can make or break a case review if not done right. 
11. Human Resource Management Managing your law firm also means managing and taking care of your employees. Giving incentive programs to deserving candidates is important to boost your team’s drive.


Without a doubt, running a law firm and making it work is hard enough to do, how much more trying to make it one of the best? But there’s no magic trick in doing this, just well-thought strategy, knowledge, experience, and structure. Lastly, whether you are a new attorney or have been practicing for years, there’s still a lot to learn to scale your law firm.

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