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Virtual Marketing Specialist

Your Virtual Marketing Specialist can work your desired days and hours, including on weekends and holidays

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Law Practice Virtual Marketing Specialist trained on...

Bulk SMS marketing

SMS Campaigns

Monthly SMS campaigns are one of the most vital communication channels that you can develop with your current and past clients.

Holiday and birthday greetings as well as case settlement, announcements, and anniversary reminders are among some of the messages sent to re-market old clients.


Law Firm monthly newsletters are often the most common form of communication you have with current and past clients.

Your monthly newsletter could include any message regarding latest settlements, new team members, new office location, informative videos, testimonials etc.

Monthly newsletter communication helps increase rates of returning past clients to your firm

Press Release

Press Releases

Press Releases are crucial in increasing brand awareness and credibility for Law Firms as they allow you to announce news such as accomplishments & awards, recent settlements, new hires, office expansion, and much more.

Your VA can work with you to launch your press release and distribute it to over 200 networks nationwide, including big names like FOX, NBC, CNN, ABC, and more.

Google Business Profile

Google Business (formerly known as “Google My Business” or GMB) is a tool that enables business owners to manage and optimize their “Business Profile” on Google.

Marketing VA’s can manage this profile and keep it updated with information about your firm.

GOOGLE Business Profile
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Referral Network

Trained on building up  and managing the law firm’s referral networks.

Connecting with other attorneys to introduce the law firm for possible opportunity of referral exchange is the best way to expand the network. Communications happen via phone calls, emails, social media and Linkedin.

  • New Referral Sources
  • More Cases
  • Ongoing inexpensive source of clients

Graphic Design Coordination

Your Virtual Marketing Specialist can coordinate with the outsourced graphic designers to make graphic design and video edit requests to speed up the approval process.

Note: Some Virtual Assistants have design skills.

Graphic Design Coordination
Survey Report

Survey & Reviews Collection

By reaching out to past and current clients in the form of surveys, your Virtual Marketing Specialist can prepare and report results to distinguish unsatisfied clients and pinpoint any areas your firm needs improvement in as well as requesting a review from satisfied clients.

Mobile App Marketing

Your Marketing Specialist can help you with the marketing of your mobile app to maximize downloads and increase your caseload while also making it easier for your clients to communicate with your firm.

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Attorney Directory Registration

Attorney Directory Registration

Online attorney directories are one of the best ways for people to find an experienced attorney that matches their needs. Your Virtual Marketing Specialist can register you and your firm on all attorney directories nationwide.

Social Media Coordination

By providing your social media manager with birthdates, settlements, announcements, pictures, and videos from your Law Firm, your VA can work as a bridge between your practice and your social media management team to coordinate the content that will be shared on your Social Media platforms.

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Website Management

These specialists are trained on keeping your website up to date on announcements regarding case settlements, new hires, location changes, testimonials, etc.

Comprehensive Monthly Reports

Concerned about productivity?

Each month, your Virtual Marketing Specialist will provide you with a report for each individual service, highlighting what was accomplished throughout the 4 weeks that they were working

Comprehensive Monthly Reports

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In-House Marketing Specialist

Virtual Marketing Specialist

Law Practice Virtual Marketing Specialist

Compared to an in-house Marketing specialist
who would cost you about $5,000-$7,000/Month.