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Press release

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Today, the distinguished team of legal industry practice experts, Legal Soft announced a unique addition to their current Virtual Staffing services. Virtual Vision is a next level smart device that aids attorneys in their communication efforts with employees. The team at Legal Soft continues to surprise their clients with more innovative inventions as they continue to lead the legal industry in automation. Virtual vision is the advanced intelligence device that allows attorneys to monitor virtual employees and provide real-time communication that is hassle free. For Legal Soft’s clients who have hired virtual assistants, Virtual Vision is a vital add-on. By utilizing this device, attorneys are able to make video calls with their virtual staff at any time; ditching the old-fashioned way of handling business via manual calling, text, and email. Lawyers can “drop-in” using Virtual Vision at the touch of a button and receive the latest updates via high definition video call from their virtual staff instantly. Each smart device comes with a built-in camera and microphone. With the use of Legal Soft’s latest development, you can listen in on your virtual staff at any time, view shared calendars, set alarms and timers, manage your office with control compatible devices, and control privacy! Virtual Vision enables employers to observe their virtual staff as if they were in-house employees. Rather than relying on third parties to assist with this aspect, employers can have direct contact with their staff automatically. Legal Soft offers this service for $147, this includes set-up and 2 devices. Following this initial payment, a recurring subscription fee of $47/month is required. Virtual Vision helps streamline processes for attorneys due to its stress-free utilization that increases efficiency and alleviates time management. Because of this groundbreaking device, attorneys will be afforded ample time to assess employees while simultaneously focusing more on their caseload due to delegating tasks to their Virtual Assistant. For more information regarding this service, check out Legal Soft’s website.

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