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What Do Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers Do in a Law Firm? [Explained]

Mergers and acquisitions are business agreements when a purchase or takeover of one company by another takes place. During the completion of a merger or an acquisition, the other company absorbs the other business entity and makes it its own. This process includes negotiation, transaction, and preparing the documents needed. 

Taking over a company to make it your own needs to be done with the right process and guidance. Let Legal Soft Solution help you in learning mergers and acquisition proceedings the smart way.

Who Practices Mergers and Acquisitions Law?

Business lawyers are the ones who practice mergers and acquisitions law. Attorneys specializing in business law handle mergers and acquisitions, but not all of them work for large law firms. Small law firms that work in small areas can use a local solo practitioner to have a merger and acquisition. However, a big company that needs a merger and acquisition usually works with large law firms.


What Is a Merger and Acquisition Lawyer?

Mergers and acquisitions are one of the most tedious and high-profile transactions in law firms or any business. Companies that need this process depend on attorneys who specialize in this field to successfully perform the undertaking. Mergers and acquisitions lawyers have a distinguished job that’s very important to the clients who need the merger. 


Merging Business and The  Law

Mergers and acquisitions are game changers in many businesses. It needs to focus on both legal and strategic planning to make it work. The attorneys that handle mergers and acquisitions have the chance to work on complicated business matters and deal with all the needs of their clients. 


What Is a Merger and Acquisition in Business?

Merger and acquisition are when two different companies combine into a new company. Once the merger is done, these two businesses will consolidate their work and the one buying the other will totally take over the operation. Typically, after the merger, the old shares from each company are transferred to make new shares under the name of the new entity. 


“ I was one of the first to introduce the concept of buying other firms. This means acquiring solo practitioners, acquiring competitors, and purchasing the contact databases of attorneys who are near retirement. But many large firms are not talking about searching for multiple avenues to expand and grow their firm. Attorney’s attempt to create everything from scratch. In reality, if you have the funds and network, I would recommend purchasing a few smaller firms to grow and utilize their contact database. ”

Author Hamid Kohan

Book Excerpt from How to Scale Your Stupid Law Firm


Companies usually consider a merger or acquisition in order to improve their business status. Either one or both companies may increase the value of their business due to the transaction. In a nutshell, running a law firm is not an easy task. You need to have enough knowledge and experience to master the legal field.

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