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Why Hiring Virtual Legal Assistants Is the New Innovation

Virtual Legal Assistants is a virtual extension to your legal team who can help you to ensure smooth functioning and save a lot of time and money. Consider this for a moment; Do you waste too much time looking for clients or witnesses to set up a call, meeting, or deposition? Do you believe you could make better use of your time? Is it possible for your legal practice to make more money by delegating these activities so that you can focus on what matters most – billable hours?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time for your law practice to recruit a Virtual Assistant.

‘However, I don’t have time to hire somebody at the moment.’


‘However, I am unable to hire anyone at this time.’

If you also think so, Why do you think that is? 

Because if you don’t have an assistant, you’re the assistant – and that leaves little time to do what you studied in Property, Constitutional Law, and Civil Procedure: practice law and earn a career.

Let’s understand more about virtual assistants and their advantages.

Virtual assistants are a virtual extension of your team who does not work physically from your office like other employees. The best thing about having virtual assistants is that they are well-trained in dealing with a law firm’s routine general and administrative tasks.

The concept of virtual legal assistants is a boon for all lawyers and law firms, irrespective of size. This helps in streamlining the administrative work and attracting more clients.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant for your legal practice is the most important choice you can make to expand your organization. Let’s, look at the list of reasons to hire a virtual assistant by Legal Soft Solution.


Hiring Virtual Legal Assistants Can Get You Out of the Administrative Jungle

Your only obstacle to expanding your business is the admin jungle. Virtual legal assistants are exceptionally trained and experienced in handling legal administrative tasks as they are primarily monotonous. virtual assistants help lawyers to boost revenues by allowing them to focus on business-generating activities. When preparing for a case, an attorney needs to keep an eye on various documents.

For simple access, these documents must be arranged and filed correctly. Attorneys also gather information from a variety of sources to formulate the firm’s position on a client’s case. An attorney must develop a strategy for the legal firm’s client. The firm cannot afford to be jeopardized due to a misplaced case file or piece of evidence. The virtual assistant has the knowledge and skills to manage all papers efficiently. The virtual assistant doesn’t need to have prior legal experience. However, the capacity to effectively arrange and index files is a requirement.

There are a lot of lawyers who can delegate to the virtual assistant to do these admin tasks, such as;

Make Your Services and Products Better

Though virtual assistants are said to be helping hands, they also work as your eyes and ears since they are in touch with the clients and other parties regularly and help you improve your services. 

As a law firm or lawyer manager, you must keep an eye on the market and the needs of existing and prospective clients. What could be the best place for social media for this? It will benefit you, but it will also require some time and effort. Legal assistants can perform these duties for you. A legal assistant can help you with this by observing the discussions about the firm, services, and what competitors are up to. 

Virtual legal assistants will provide the lawyers with the relevant material information which you can use while making decisions and making their next strategy for improving their client base.


Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset

A lawyer’s most valuable asset today is their time, followed by their money.

A successful firm understands the value of time. No matter how hard you try to level up your firm’s growth, you won’t succeed as you will have no time to plan and strategize your actions. Suppose you won’t build a new relationship or come up with new ideas and keep yourself engrossed with routine admin tasks such as answering emails and calls and doing documentation. In that case, it will be possible to grow.

To make the best use of your time, you need to get some helping hands and let off some work burden from your shoulders. But hiring skilled staff who work as dedicatedly as you can be an expensive and time-consuming task, and you need to be wise enough to go for the cost-effective yet robust option of hiring a virtual assistant.

Having virtual assistants in your team can help lessen the gap between newly started and well-established firms without denting your pockets.

Keep Your Sanity as an Attorney

It can be beneficial and advantageous to hire a virtual assistant for your law firm if your responsibilities and to-do lists pile up to the point that you’re overwhelmed.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, it is beneficial to delegate tasks to someone capable of handling several activities and obligations at once. Having a virtual assistant handle your to-do list can be a great way to divide your workload.

Today, many successful lawyers take advantage of virtual assistants to get their lot of tasks done efficiently. Virtual assistant deals with various tasks, which are pretty necessary for building the firm’s reputation. It’s advisable to list out the tasks you want to delegate, and your virtual assistant will prioritize tasks in a well-organized manner based on urgency and smoothly perform the same. A virtual assistant can help you stay sane and keep your firm’s business running smoothly.

Business Scalability at a Low Cost

Capital is required for a firm’s expansion. Hiring virtual assistants drastically reduces this requirement. A virtual assistant can be hired for a fraction of what it costs to hire a local employee in Western countries. Additionally, the administration and development costs are reduced as well. Virtual legal staff is a great way to increase your staff without blowing up the balance sheet if you are committed to it entirely. You can either have the virtual assistant from a domestic country or off-shore. The concept of virtual legal staff will be worth every cent spent on the salary.


Round-the-Clock Client Assistance

Virtual assistants provide business or customer assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One of the key factors that push your client base and market share is offering round-the-clock client service. This is particularly significant for international clients. Having a team of virtual assistants who is reached anytime from any corner of the world despite time zone disparities can make a real difference for your firm. They can also offer assistance on official holidays. 


You can have your virtual assistant conduct the following things:

  • Answering client inquiries
  • Developing email answers or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  •  Checking in on clients, especially those who have been with you for a long time
  • Dealing with client concerns and refund or discount requests
  • Make a welcome for new clients.


They’re also the easiest way to deal with temporary skilled legal staffing shortages.


Not Spending Even a Penny on Resources

In contrast, employees simply have skills and knowledge, so you must offer them resources and facilities. Employees who are multi-talented and all-rounders are hard to come by. As a result, if we hire personnel, we must establish plans for their training. Suppose you hire virtual assistants, on the other hand. Virtual assistants have all their resources and are also competent and qualified. In that case, you won’t have to waste time or money educating them because they are already trained and experienced professionals. As a result, you’ll save a lot of money on training.


Additionally, you will not be required to spend money on the recruitment procedure. It is vital to guarantee that the resources utilized to run the business are kept in good working order in offices. If the computer or any other linked hardware malfunctions, you will be responsible for repair costs. Similarly, several maintenance fees are solely your responsibility. Still, there will be no such fees in the case of virtual assistants. You can also save money by working from home because you won’t have to pay for office rent or maintenance. As a result, you will save a significant amount of money, which will be reinvested in the firm to propel it forward.


Visibility On The Internet

Virtual assistants are usually well-versed in social media management and digital marketing. They can also develop fantastic content for your company. A virtual assistant helps your brand create client confidence and improve brand value by creating engaging and quality social media posts. A Search Engine Optimization professional from a law firm can assist your company in achieving higher SERP rankings.


They assist you in the following areas, depending on the needs of your company:



It is a well-known truth that having a skilled assistant in your team will free up a lot of time that you spend on doing routine admin tasks. This will result in a drastic reduction in your workload and stress level. This can give you a few extra hours on your list which you can spend doing some other productive tasks or with your dear ones to regain your social life, this is why many law firms are now opting to hire virtual assistants!


Having a virtual assistant will help you boost your productivity as you no longer will be required to deal with repetitive administrative tasks, which eat up a lot of your time. This will help you to reduce fatigue & burnout. A firm’s most important tasks are easier to focus on when attorneys have more free time. It allows lawyers to concentrate on the essential aspects of the firm.  Whether you are a lawyer or a law practice manager with a temporary concern, Legal Soft Solution can always help you. Talk to our expert team for the best assistance to any law firm management and legal team issue, or call us at (424) 341-4917. Book a demo now to know more about what Legal Soft Solution can offer


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