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11 Best Law Firm Mobile App

We live in a society where dangerous events might occur at any time, necessitating immediate rescue and relief efforts. It is possible that you are driving home from work. Be confronted by an unexpected calamity or accident that you had not anticipated. Accidents cannot be predicted. Every person who is driving can be a victim of car accidents 3 to 4 times in their lifetime. Even though the government has enacted stricter, safer driving rules, even the most outstanding drivers are prone to car accidents. 

Unfortunately, this brief window of opportunity is also crucial for gathering critical information that will aid insurance and injury claims in the future. For the drivers and passengers involved in a car collision, the immediate aftermath can be confusing. Suppose detailed information is not acquired as soon as possible. In that case, it may be more challenging to obtain the compensation you want for medical costs, lost earnings, vehicle repairs, and other losses. 

At a time like this, communication technologies and social media platforms offer a feasible option for responding to emergencies, communicating with rescue personnel, and keeping personal safety protected.

An accident assist mobile app can be a great tool to avoid big false claims by greedy insurance companies when you’re in a car accident. Thankfully, several useful traffic accident applications can assist you in gathering the necessary information and notifying the appropriate parties quickly following your collision. You’ll be able to get rapid guidance on what to do in the event of a crash with these apps. No matter where the accident occurred, you’ll be able to contact the appropriate authorities. 

Smartphone apps that facilitate accident reporting enable drivers to document essential details about accidents that can impact the settlement value of claims. Legal Soft has prepared the list of top accident assist mobile apps you can use to prepare yourself after an accident.

#1. AAA

This is the AAA’s official mobile app. In addition to providing roadside assistance, AAA is renowned for its quick response time. Your vehicle can be immobilized following a traffic collision or an unexpected breakdown, and roadside assistance can be requested through the app. It includes travel planning tools, awards, and discounts in addition to on-the-go roadside help (tow request). To make using the app’s features easier, you should first upload your AAA card and vehicle information.


  • In a matter of seconds, request roadside assistance.
  • It let your dear ones know the precise location of the rider.
  • Rider even can get the information related to directions, nearby accommodation facilities suggestions, current gas prices & much more.

#2. Collision Call

This app automatically contacts the emergency services in the event of an accident. This smart app is really smart as it uses your smartphone to detect collisions. Riders don’t have to worry about the alerts triggering due to dropped phones and sudden stops. This app is known for its quick help after the car crash incident.


  • Emergency personnel arrive to help the victim within a few minutes.
  • Notify your friends and family members if your car collides.
  • Motorbike riders, bike riders, subway passengers can also be helped with this app.
  • Supports Android & IoS.

#3. Auto Accident App

As its name suggests, the Auto Accident App is an app that comes in handy when you’ve been in an accident. This app lets the rider record all the accident details with the help of a recording feature. And the best feature of the app is the compilation of all details into a comprehensive report using your smartphone. This report will also include Photographs, Witnesses statements, Injury reports. 

All a rider needs to do to create an account & upload the driver’s license, vehicle registration details, insurance policy details; the app will do the rest of the job. You won’t be required to fill out dozens of fields manually.

#4. Help I Crashed My Car

This app allows you to store important information about your vehicle, personal data, and emergency contacts so that they are only a few clicks away in the event of an accident. After that, you may fill out the native accident report screen in this app. If your GPS is turned on, this app will monitor the exact position of the accident a list of nearby mechanics and rental vehicle firms. The ordered checklist of things to do in such a situation is an additional feature.

#5. Car Accident Report (CAR)

As the name implies, this software assists you in creating an accident report by allowing you to fill out a page with information. To supplement your report, you can use the app’s inbuilt features, such as the camera, voice recorder, notebook, drawing pad, and GPS lookup. You can also use this app to send the report in a customizable email once it’s finished.

#6. Assisto

This app emphasizes sharing the automobile accident details with the rider’s insurance company immediately after the accident. It allows you to transmit your personal information to your insurance company, complete and email an accident statement report, and even attach accident images with accurate geo-location. Access to your vehicle details can also be given to members of your family so that they can simply claim if they get into an accident while driving your vehicle.

#7. CamOnRoad

CamOnRoad is a dashboard camera app that lets you record videos while you’re driving. When it comes to demonstrating what happened in the event of an accident, having video proof is invaluable. Video footage of an automobile accident can be a very compelling piece of evidence because it reveals what happened precisely. Of course, constantly filming on a long ride might deplete your phone’s battery life, so keep a charger on hand. This free app turns your mobile phone into a dashboard camera. It uses GPS to track your location and locate the site of the accident rider was involved in. Insurance companies will accept dashboard recordings, such as those created by CamOnRoad, to prove you are not at fault

#8. SOSmart

SOSmart is a free iOS/Android compatible app. This emergency notification software can be manually accessed before driving, or crash-detection monitoring can be turned on automatically. In an emergency, you can immediately contact emergency contacts and request aid from first responders. The app will also show neighboring hospitals and the quickest ways to them.

#9. Honk

Honk is one of the top-ranked iOS/Android phone apps. It delivers rapid roadside assistance via the app, with over several thousand trucks nationwide giving coverage 24/7 days a week. This app is becoming the first choice as it is the best alternative to standard roadside assistance services if you’ve been into an accident and need a tow truck right soon.

#10. AxiKit

The AxiKit mobile app guides users through the data collection process following a collision. AxiKit is an accident-reporting app that assists you in contacting the appropriate persons and recording any pertinent information so that you have the evidence you’ll need in an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver. It has built-in tools that tell you which statements to make (and which not to make), how to collect and save eyewitness stories with audio recording, and a list of images to shoot at the site. It even has a voice-recording feature for collecting eyewitness testimony. The app is primarily targeted towards businesses, although people can also use it.

#11. WreckCheck

Figuring out what to do immediately after a car accident with a spinning head is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. But your rider needs some pieces of evidence to strengthen their case. WreckCheck mobile apps assist the rider with the right process following a car crash.


  • This uses audio & camera to locate the precise location of the incident
  • It helps in creating a well structured on the spot
  • A brief guide on filing an insurance claim

The list is not over yet. Two very popular apps to help people deal with all kinds of emergencies are 

Insurance Company App

These days every insurance company provides insureds with a mobile app. This app helps to quickly guide riders on actions to be taken after the accident. One should always mention the cause of the incidence & crucial details to get reasonably compensated. The other features may vary. 

The American Red Cross’s First Aid App

The Red Cross built a popular emergency app. This app serves as a guide to help people improve their basic first aid knowledge and skills. The information accessed using the app can be lifesaving during an accident. This allows users to prepare themselves with basic yet life saving hacks until 911 help arrives.


Accidents happen, and mobile apps can be a useful source to collect & document the details and report the same. Still, it is not enough. You need an experienced attorney to strengthen your case and avail of maximum compensation. The information collected with the help of mobile apps can be given to the lawyers so material information is missed out and the guilty get punished.

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