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President, CEO, and Now an Author: Hamid Kohan’s Debut Book “How to Scale Your Stupid Law Firm” Is Now Available!

He introduced innovation into the legal field, and now, Hamid Kohan unlocked another milestone in his career. It’s official, Hamid just published his debut book, “ How to Scale Your Stupid Law Firm”.

“ This book is a summary of techniques and implementations that have helped hundreds of law firms build successful law practices and optimize and expand consistently. Several firms that have adopted these methods have scaled 3X a year, and they’re just getting started! I hope this book will be as beneficial for every reader as it has been for our network of clients we have worked with and scaled with over the past year. ”

– Author Hamid Kohan

It’s like a handbook for attorneys. It will guide you, and make you realize your strengths and weaknesses. It will reveal your law firm’s pain points, and show you how to make it right. This book is a product of Hamid Kohan’s years of expertise, knowledge, experience, and proven success, all in one book!

Don’t miss out on this amazing chance! Grab Your Copy Now!

It’s time to innovate your business strategy. Learn more information about How to Scale Your Stupid Law Firm directly from the Legal Soft website, or follow us on our social media accounts:


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